Festival Lessons

  • Susan Taylor

Festival Rehearsals



Due to the amount of dances, some students are in for long periods of time with a gap between lessons. Bring a drink and something to eat so you can rest before your next lesson.


Friday 29th January

6.15-7.00       Cassie  - Lyrical

7.15pm          Mia – Modern


Saturday 30th January

10.15am        Katie – Ballet/Character

11.00am        -

11.45am        Freya  - Tap

12.30pm        -

3.15pm          Maisie – Modern

4.00pm          Bea – Song&Dance

4.45pm          Aimie M-W


Sunday 31st January

12.35pm        Morgan – Modern

1.30pm          -

3.30pm          Emily – Character

4.30pm          Mia & Olivia Duet


Friday 5th February

4.30pm          Dionne – Ballet

5.15pm          Liz – Character

6.00pm          Daisy – Song&Dance

6.45pm          Emily – Character

7.30pm          Olivia – Modern (1 hour)


Saturday 6th February

10.15am        Katie – Ballet/Character

11.00am        -

11.45am        Cassie – Lyrical

2.30pm          Liz – Ballet

3.15pm          Maisie – Tap

4.00pm          Bea – Tap

4.45pm          Aimie M-W               Hannah & Morgan  - Duet


Sunday 7th February

10.00am        Handful Of Keys – SENIOR HIP HOP ONLY

10.45am        Handful Of Keys – ALL

11.30am        NAVRAS

1.00pm          -


Friday 12th February

4.30pm          Dionne – Ballet

5.15pm          Morgan – Song&Dance

6.00pm          Daisy – Song&Dance

6.45pm          Cassie – Modern

7.30pm          ADAVNCED 2 TAP


Saturday 13th February

9.45am          Bea – Tap                  Liz – Ballet

10.30am        Daisy – Song& Dance

11.15am        Morgan – Song&Dance

12.00pm        Hannah & Morgan  - Duet

1.00pm          Mia, Olivia, Cassie, Hannah, Morgan – SOLOS             1.30pm Freya – Ballet

2.15pm          Olivia & Mia Duet

3.15pm          -


Monday 15th February

10.00am        Bea – Tap

10.45am        Hannah, Charlotte, Olivia – SOLOS                                 Mia – Modern

11.30am        Mia & Olivia Duet

12.30pm        -

1.00pm          Emily – Character               Amy L – Ballet Awards

1.45pm          Amy & Emily Duet              Maisie, Daisy, Poppy, Lara, Katie – SOLOS

2.45pm          Helena  - Modern                 Liz – Ballet

3.30pm          Emily  - Lyrical                    Amy – Ballet

4.15 pm         -


Wednesday 17th February

10.00am        Freya – Ballet                                   Liz/Bea/Dionne Trio Singing

10.45am        Helena – Modern                 Liz/Bea/Dionne Trio

11.30am        Maisie, Daisy, Poppy, Lara – SOLOS                               Olivia – Song&Dance

12.30pm        -

1.00pm          Amy L – Ballet Awards                  Hannah & Morgan Duet (1Hour)

1.45pm          Amy L  - Character 

2.30pm          Morgan Ballet Award                     Izzy, Aimie M-W, Mia, Hannah  - SOLOS

3.15pm          Amy & Morgan SOLOS

4.00pm          -


Thursday 18th February

10.00am        Freya – Ballet                                               Helena – Modern    

10.45am        Liz/Bea/Dionne Trio                    Freya, Maisie, Katie -SOLOS

11.30am        Bea – Character                                Olivia – Song&Dance

12.15pm        Morgan – Song&Dance                   Liv & Mia Duet

1.00pm          Amy L – Character                          Morgan Ballet Award

1.45pm          Amy L  - Ballet Awards & Solos   Hannah & Morgan Duet    

2.45pm          -


Friday 19th February

10.00am        Olivia – Song&Dance

10.45am        Emily & Amy Duet

11.30am        Helena, Cassie, Charlotte, Amy, Emily, Katie – SOLOS           Hannah & Morgan –


12.30pm        Emily & Amy Duet                          Bea – Character

1.15pm          Morgan, Izzy, Aimie – SOLOS       Liz/Bea/Dionne – TRIO

2.00pm          Liz, Bea, Dionne, Lara – SOLOS

2.45pm          -

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