Redditch Festival Results

Ivy Saunders 1st place 83 Marks Baby Classical Rosie Allcroft 2nd place 82 Marks Baby Classical Amelie French 2nd place 82 Marks A Character Katie Pacpaco 2nd place 82 Marks A Ballet 1st place 83 Marks A Song & Dance Poppy Wolton 3rd place 82 Marks B Character 1st place 84 Marks Junior National Beatrice […]

Banbury Festival Results 2018

Name Place Mark Section Ivy Saunders 1st Place 84 Marks Baby Character Amelie French 1st Place 2nd Place 84 Marks 83 Marks Baby Vocal Baby Character Katie Pacpaco 3rd Place 2nd Place 84 Marks 84 Marks Baby Song & Dance Baby Ballet Beatrice Labuda 1st Place 85 Marks A Novice Modern Poppy Wolton 1st Place […]

Redditch Festival Results 2018

Name Section Place Marks Katie Pacpaco A Ballet 2nd 81 Poppy Wolton A Character 1st 84 Alma Todoran B Character 1st 85 Isabella Freeman B Ballet 1st 84 B Tap 1st 84 Isobel Stuchfield B Ballet 3rd 82 B Tap 2nd 83 Rosa Camileri B Ballet 4th 81 Isabella Gaal B Tap 4th 81 B […]

Banbury Festival 2017

Banbury Festival of Dance  – Results 2017   Isabella Freeman             2nd Place       82 Marks     Baby Ballet Isabella Gaal                      1st Place        82 Marks     Baby Character Poppy Wolton                    2nd Place       81 Marks     Baby Character Katie Pacpaco                    3rd Place       80 Marks     Baby Character Isobel Stuchfield              2nd Place       82 Marks     A Ballet – Novice Rosa Camilleri                   3rd Place       81 […]

Redditch Festival Results 2016

Redditch Festival Results   Katie Pacpaco                    Baby Classical       1st Place        83 Marks Poppy Wolton                    A Character                        1st Place        84 Marks Liz Sorilla                            B Modern                1st Place        88 Marks B Ballet                    1st Place        88 Marks B Character            2nd Place       86 Marks Annice Dumbrava                        B Modern                3rd Place       86 Marks B Ballet                    5th Place       84 […]

Dances Qualify for All England

The following dances have qualified for the All England Regional Finals These will take place in Cheltenham, 28 May – 4 June. Name Dance/Section Mark Qualifying festival Poppy Wolton Baby Character 86 Rugby Bea Vidal A Tap 86 Rugby Bea Vidal A Ballet 84 Rugby & Nuneaton Bea Vidal A Character 85 Nuneaton Bea Vidal […]

Rugby Festival Results 2016

Poppy Wolton                    Baby Character                 3rd Place       86 Marks Qualified   Bea Vidal                             A Tap                                                1st Place        86 Marks Qualified A Ballet                                4th Place       84 Marks Qualified   Lara Dimaculangan         B Tap                                                4th Place       85 Marks Qualified   Katie Crowther                 B Song & Dance                 -                      84 Marks Qualified   Morgan Dension               Novice Cabaret     […]

Nuneaton Results

Poppy Wolton 3rd Place 82 Marks Baby Character   Bea Vidal 3rd Place 85 Marks * A Song/Dance Bea Vidal 3rd Place 85 Marks * A Modern Bea Vidal 3rd Place 85 Marks * A Character Bea Vidal 3rd Place 83 Marks A Tap Bea Vidal 4th Place 84 Marks * A Ballet Liz Sorilla […]

Banbury Festival Results 2016

Poppy Wolton Baby Character 2nd Place 83 Marks Bea Vidal A Tap 1st Place 85 Marks Bea Vidal A Song & Dance 1st Place 85 Marks Bea Vidal A Modern 1st Place 85 Marks Bea Vidal A Novice Ballet 1st Place 86 Marks Bea Vidal A Character 2nd Place 84 Marks Kitty Russell A Character […]

Festival Results

Redditch Festival Results   Bea Vidal                             84 Marks     1st Place        B Tap 87 Marks     1st Place        B Modern Katie Crowther                 85 Marks     1st Place        B Song & Dance 85 Marks     1st Place        B Character Freya Troy                          83 Marks     3rd Place       B Character 83 Marks     4th Place       B Ballet Aimie Moses-Wright       85 Marks     1st Place        […]